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Well-maintained rain gutters are essential for sustaining a home’s integrity.

Gutters protect your home from leaks, foundation damage, wood rot, pests among other threats, by collecting and guiding rainwater away from your home.

Leaves and other debris clog gutters and cause water to accumulate and overflow. The gutter is to get water AWAY from the foundation not in it. This is why you need Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are designed to keep debris from infiltrating your home’s gutters, while also allowing rainwater to filter through.

There are Various types of gutter guards. We diagnose the problem and determine which gutter and guard system best fits your home’s need.

What is good for one house is not always good for all. Each house has different factors causing the need for different systems.

-How large is the house?

-How steep is the roof?

-What types of trees and animals are around?

-What the roof is made of/

…and more.

Our Experts diagnose and problem solve to create the best system to save your wallet and protect your home.

Types of Gutter Guards

Micro Mesh GG
Small hole wire mesh to sit in the gutter and redirect debris overtop and around. made to keep the channel clear and water to wash into it. May clog in large leaf tree areas.

Screen GG
It is what is sounds like. A wide ridged screen covered with a smaller mesh screen to keep out seeds and debris. The ridged screen is resistant to impact but if branches are a concern switch to Corrugated GG.

Corrugated GG
Similar to Screen GG in that water washes directly onto the surface but the holes are punched into a corrugated metal to withstand tree branches and hail impacts.

Helmet GG
Uses water surface tension to grip water around a curved edge into a trough that washes all tree debris over the edge.

About Trinity Exteriors

We take pride educating our customers and staff. We know that if someone is spending thousands of dollars on a roof, it is because they have to, not because they love new roofs. So we strive to fully educate our customers on what to expect and what is best for their needs and budget. We want to create trusted partnerships where our clients will call us again and again and also refer us to their trusted network of friends and family when their needs arise.

We are all well versed in building from the basement to the roof, so when we look at a roof it is not just the covering on top but a combination of everything from “dirt to roof.” No one likes surprises so we evaluate all aspects and then develop a solution that covers most if not all unknowns.

Our estimators ARE our project managers so there is nothing lost in translation from the sale to the completion. Your rep the the only phone number you need. no sitting on hold or waiting on call backs.

There is no substitute for experience.

Our 3 Partners each have 21 years, 23 years and 30 years experience in construction industry, both hands on and Organizationally.

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