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Why can’t I find a price per square foot for my roof?

We often run into customer who say that they have bids ranging from $8,000 to $40,000 for the same project. Why? What is the difference that makes that much of a impact on the cost. All companies have access to the same materials. Labor is generally the same from company to company.

Where is the disconnect? What comes with a $40,000 price ticket that makes it that much better. The price that is in the middle give a good combination of quality and stability.

Lowest price – Contractor is only making enough to eat and live. The probability of this company staying in business for a long time while it can be done, that chance is slim. When the company closes its doors, there is no warranty.

Highest Price – Contractor is paying a marketing budget to find a house, a marketer to set an appointment, a salesman, to sell the project, then it gets passed along to a subcontracting company, who has a subcontractor who has a subcontractor who has a crew that does the job. So you are still getting the Lowest price contractor but paying for all of the people in the middle with their hands out skimming a couple bucks every step in the project.

Trinity Exteriors LLC combines those roles and our Project managers are our salesmen. They not only present the pricing and options, they have been trained on every material that we offer. Not only that We educate our customers on what to look for so that they know exactly what they are getting and understand why.

What type of roof do you need?

There are generally two main types of roofing defined by the pitch or slope of the roof:  Steep-Sloped Roofing and Low Sloped or Flat Roofing.  Roofing materials are designed for one or the other and sometimes for both. At Trinity Exteriors LLC. We have an expert in each individual type of roofing that we install.

Low-Sloped Roofing is also referred to as Flat Roofing by many in the industry.  This can be confusing because the term Low-Sloped Roofing can mean additional installation procedures and materials are needed when installing Steep-Sloped Roofing materials on roofs with lower pitches.

Many in the roofing industry use the term Residential Roofing Products to describe Steep-Sloped Roofing Materials.  The term generally means roofing materials that are designed to shed water rapidly with no standing water always installed with fasteners.  A Roofing Contractor who describes himself as a Residential Roofing Company means he installs roofs mainly on residential structures and specializes in the installation of roofing materials designed for Steep-Sloped Roofing. These products generally last between 25 and 50 years

Commercial Roofing Products are often described as Flat Roofing Materials. This refers to  roofing materials that are designed to withstand the slow drainage of water without developing leaks.  Commercial roofing products are generally rolled roofing membranes or sheets that are adhered to a roof by means of tar, asphalt, glue, heat welded, etc. and have seams that are also completely sealed together. These roof systems last from 10 to 30 years

Flat Roofing Materials Minimum Pitch
Tar and Gravel 1/4:12
Single Ply Modified Bitumen 1/4:12
EPDM 1/4:12
PVC 1/4:12
TPO 1/4:12
Steep-Sloped Roofing Materials Minimum Pitch
Asphalt Shingles standard underlayment 4:12
Asphalt Shingles 2 Plies underlayment lapped 19″ 2:12
Wood Shakes & Shingles 4:12
Clay Tile 3:12 & some 5:12
Concrete Tile 3:12
Metal Roofing Shingles 3:12
Metal Panels lapped without lap sealant 3:12
Metal Panels lapped with lap sealant 1/2:12
Standing Seam 1/4:12
Alternative Roofing Products 4:12 for most

About Trinity Exteriors

We take pride educating our customers and staff. We know that if someone is spending thousands of dollars on a roof, it is because they have to, not because they love new roofs. So we strive to fully educate our customers on what to expect and what is best for their needs and budget. We want to create trusted partnerships where our clients will call us again and again and also refer us to their trusted network of friends and family when their needs arise.

We are all well versed in building from the basement to the roof, so when we look at a roof it is not just the covering on top but a combination of everything from “dirt to roof.” No one likes surprises so we evaluate all aspects and then develop a solution that covers most if not all unknowns.

Our estimators ARE our project managers so there is nothing lost in translation from the sale to the completion. Your rep the the only phone number you need. no sitting on hold or waiting on call backs.

There is no substitute for experience.

Our 3 Partners each have 21 years, 23 years and 30 years experience in construction industry, both hands on and Organizationally.

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